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The Department of Industrial Engineering, as similar departments at other universities in the world, includes scientific disciplines for research and development, design, introduction, maintenance and management of production processes of industrial companies. The field of industrial engineering incorporates the design of production and business processes for companies and organisations, integration of material, product, information and human resources flow, management of all the production and business factors with constant efforts in optimisation and improvement of those processes. This is achieved through production design, production management and defining the social relations.

Members of the department, 2019

The undergraduate study in Industrial Engineering and Management The undergraduate study is designed in a manner that, after first four semesters, which are mostly common for all mechanical engineering students, they will master theoretical fundamentals of engineering, mechanical engineering, production technologies, material engineering, automation and robotics. During semesters 5 and 6 the students are gradually introduced to the field of industrial engineering. Introductory courses to the IEM study are: Industrial Engineering, Basics of  Management, Production Economics, Engineering Statistics, Technical Processes Design, Technical Logistics, Production Management and Maintenance. The graduate study in Industrial Engineering and Management The graduate part of the study is almost exclusively focused on the knowledge and methods in the field of industrial engineering and management. It includes unique courses: Operational Research I and II, Information Systems, Quality Assurance Fundamentals, Human Resources Management, Robotics, Designing Logistic Systems, Informatics Management, Accounting and Finances for Managers, Economic and Labour Laws and Industrial Sociology. Along with a large number of electives from other FAMENA courses or the faculties of the University of Zagreb, students are offered a wide area of specializations in accordance with their wishes and preferences. After defending the graduate thesis a student achieves the academic title – a master of mechanical engineering (mag.ing.mech.).