Professional postgraduate study


Chair of the professional study program: Prof. Nedeljko Štefanić, PhD

Students will learn the broader aspects of production by gaining professional knowledge from a wide area of industrial engineering and management: technical logistics, development and optimisation of technical processes, the application of modern statistical and simulation methods, methods of production management, maintenance management, project management, quality management and the application of contemporary business strategies (Lean, KAIZEN, SIX SIGMA…). Specific cases are closely studied and every student is required to participate in specific development projects as well as in production and business improvement projects.

>>Detailed list of courses for the professional study of Industrial Engineering and Management<<

Competences gained by students after completing the study

By finishing the postgraduate professional study at FAMENA, students achieve numerous advantages in competence which are a result of concepts and the manners of realisation of this study, as well as it being closely linked to the conception of the undergraduate and graduate studies.
This study provides the fundamental education for mechanical engineers and naval architects in accordance with the widely accepted principles stemming from the Bologna Declaration. The accelerated development of the profession in all aspects of technology requires various other types of knowledge equally pervaded by the latest scientific developments, but also entirely specific skills and knowledge which arise from solving professional issues.
One of the ways to master the accelerated pace of development in the profession is lifelong learning. The professional postgraduate study is the first important step in this, with the research work based on scientific foundations enticed by specific issues of the profession, which is then shaped through the interaction between the professor and the student aided by laboratory and field research. The flexibility in combining courses (electives) at the professional postgraduate study is an especially important aid in efficiently mastering the contemporary methods and technologies by students.
Part of the classes can be organized in combination with the postgraduate doctoral study classes, especially concerning research courses (I-courses), works in the research field (R-courses), but also the courses from the narrow scope of research (S-classes).
The students who finish their postgraduate professional study are expected to have significant competitive advantages in relation to their environment – especially when considering the interaction and synergy effect of such an education. Solving specific technical issues in everyday practice with concurrent additionally directed, professional, postgraduate education is an excellent way to develop competent experts in all segments of mechanical engineering and naval architecture.
Mentors, members of teaching staff for the study, as well as the significant laboratory and other resources which are available to students, will have a significant role in achieving this.

Study duration and student evaluation via ECTS points

The study duration is 2 semesters (one academic year) with 210 hours of active classes in total (7 courses with 30 hours each). The courses in the first semester are worth 20 ECTS points, and the courses in the second semester 15 points. The final thesis covers 30 hours, and is worth 25 ECTS points. Total course load and independent work of the students is equivalent to 60 ECTS points. All postgraduate professional study courses last only one semester.
During the first semester of the study a student attends four courses which include 120 hours of classes, or 20 ECTS points. In the second semester a student needs to attend three courses with 90 hours of classes in total, or 15 ECTS points. Every course is worth the same amount of ECTS points  – 5, apart from three elective courses in Naval Architecture which have 15 hours of classes, and each is worth 3 ECTS points.
The student can under exceptional circumstances chose basic courses from other study programmes with the aim of creating a programme to match their own wishes and the necessities of the profession.

>>Additional information on the professional study and news concerning the application (Only in Croatia)<<

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